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NEBOSH courses

How employees and their employers can benefit from it

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health or NEBOSH is an independent examining and awarding body that offers a wide-range of vocationally related qualifications which are globally recognised. These qualifications have been specifically designed to meet the various needs in the workplace including those towards health, safety, environment and risk management.

The most popular certificate is the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety with over 160,000 individuals gaining certification since the programme’s release in 1989.

nebosh national general certificate course

The General Certificate is primarily geared toward employees, managers and supervisors from a diverse range of industries who seek to upgrade their knowledge on several health and safety issues. The primary goal of the certificate is to empower workers and their organisations to effectively manage risks in the workplace. Additionally, it can be considered as a solid foundation for a long and fruitful career in health and safety.

Whether you are an employee exploring the idea of taking NEBOSH courses online or you are a business employer considering upgrading your staff’s knowledge and competencies through NEBOSH eLearning courses, here are a few benefits both employees and their employers should consider.

What can you learn from The National General Certificate?

The general certificate is divided into three modules: National General Certificate 1, 2 and 3. The first two require passing written examinations while the last one requires the student to go through a practical examination.

What are the contents of each module?

For NGC1, the topics covered are the foundations of health and safety and four components of health and safety management systems, namely: policy; organisation; planning and measurement; and audit and review.

NGC2, on the other hand, covers the hazard and risk control for the workplace, for transport, for musculoskeletal issues, work equipment, chemical and biological agents, and physical and psychological issues. Electrical and fire safety are also covered.

NGC3, being a practical exam, is conducted at the student’s workplace.

If you are considering getting the national general certificate, there are three routes you can take. First, you can study at a training centre, allowing you to take advantage of a structured classroom setting. If you are pressed for time, you can opt for e-learning wherein you can study at your own pace. Finally, if you are a business owner, you can opt for in-company training which can be customised to your specific needs.

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For employers

The general certificate has been designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Additionally, there are training providers which can develop tailored programmes to meet the specific objectives of an organisation within its industry. But whichever route you choose, the benefits are essentially the same:

Safe workplace

Safety and productivity almost always come hand in hand. With key personnel holding a general certificate, you are assured that accidents which hamper productivity and entail several kinds of costs (litigation, absence, reputation) are kept at bay, if not totally eliminated.


Employing NEBOSH qualified personnel is a positive reflection on an organisation’s image, allowing it to enhance its reputation, become more competitive, and even win awards and recognition within its industry.

Great returns on investment

The knowledge gleaned by employees through the certificate programme go beyond paper. NEBOSH-certified employees bring practical value to an organisation, allowing them to become more resilient in the face of an evolving workplace.

For employees

Employees who are well-versed in issues pertaining to health and safety are much sought-after by employers both from the public and private sectors, here and abroad, further broadening the career options available to those with a general certificate. Apart from these, there are several other benefits, including:

  • Enhanced managerial skills;
  • Greater flexibility as the knowledge and skills gleaned can be applied to a broad number of industries; and
  • Career advancement.

NEBOSH NGC Online Training Course

The International General Certificate in focus

Having difficulty choosing among NEBOSH eLearning courses? Why not consider the NEBOSH International General Certificate?

Introduced in 2004, the International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety seeks to help organisations employ personnel who are well versed in health and safety and are ready and able to face the challenges of the international marketplace.

The certificate is primarily geared toward employees, supervisors and managers from around the world. With their knowledge and skills, employees armed with an international certificate can competently fulfil a diverse array of health and safety responsibilities in a broad array of industries in just about any country in the world.

If you are still undecided about which course to pick among NEBOSH courses online, one good reason to choose an international certificate is that it can be used as a solid foundation for a career in health and safety and does not require prior health and safety knowledge.

Just like the national general certificate, the international certificate is divided into three: the IGC1, IGC2 and IGC3. The examination for IGC1 covers all the topics under management of safety and health, while IGC2 exams focus on issues related to controlling hazards in the workplace. IGC3 is a practical exam conducted at the examinee’s workplace.

What’s the course content of each component?

IGC1 covers topics under health and safety, beginning with foundations to health and safety management policy, organisation, planning and measurement, audit and review.

IGC2 covers topics related to hazards and risk control associated to the workplace, transport, musculoskeletal issues, work equipment and electrical safety.

Professionals who wish to get an international certificate may consider three routes: studying through public courses, eLearning, and in-company.

For Employers

Employees with an international certificate are always a welcome addition to just about any organisation, bringing with them knowledge and competencies that are in high demand. In particular, international organisations should consider hiring employees with an international certificate or consider in-company courses for their current roster for the following reasons:

Workplace safety

With greater safety comes increased productivity. Additionally, costly concerns like litigations, absenteeism and bad public image are prevented.


Employees with international certificates are much sought-after due to the value they add to any organisation. Armed with personnel who are experts in health and safety, they can become more competitive within their industries, allowing them to garner recognition among the public, their peers and even regulatory bodies.

Excellent investment

Globalisation and the Internet have greatly altered the way businesses are run, with changes occurring at the blink of an eye. With employees that have an international certificate, you are assured that your organisation stands a better chance of overcoming, if not taking advantage of, these new challenges.

For Employees

Modern business and financial hubs like Bahrain and Oman now require HSE employees to have NEBOSH qualifications. An international certificate is also a perfect complement to your current suite of managerial skills, allowing you to take your career a step further. It can also open doors to various opportunities, especially in terms of advisory and managerial posts.

Consider the international certificate as a worthy and viable short- and long-term investment in your career that will make you stand out among your peers and other job seekers.

IOSH Managing Safely online course

Taking NEBOSH courses online

What You Need ‘To Strike Oil’ In The Oil And Gas Industry  

Welder, crane operator, piping inspector, drilling fluids specialist, static equipment engineer, supply chain manager — there are hundreds of jobs to be had in the oil and gas industry. The money, for most jobs, is really good. But with lucrative prospects come certain risks and whether your job is offshore or onshore, you may be faced with potential dangers. That’s why all oil and gas companies require and implement safety policies. Fewer to zero accidents will mean saved lives and protected assets.

To make sure these safety policies are understood and carried out to the letter, companies and employees have to invest in education and training. And NEBOSH courses online not only guarantee this is achieved but that it’s done so in a manner that will not bore participants to death, preventing them from quitting halfway through the course.

What NEBOSH online course should be taken?

One of the more significant courses for oil and gas professionals to take is the NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety. The course is designed for any worker in the industry who has safety responsibilities. It’s a recommended course to take not only because it focuses on the importance of process safety management, but also because it’s globally recognised for achieving health, safety, and risk management qualifications.

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Hydrocarbon process safety
  2. Safety and environmental management in the industry
  3. Fire protection and emergency response

Before taking on the international qualification, employers and employees should be aware that some knowledge and training on safety issues should have been achieved through NEBOSH’s certificate-level courses, like the NEBOSH National General Certificate.

What does an international qualification mean for employees?

For one, the NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety will ensure that you work as safely as possible, avoid accidents, and keep everyone else in your worksite protected from harm. For another, the certification may get you a better paying position. You not only know more and gain more skills but you also improve your career options.

What benefits can employers glean from this qualification?

Investing in the course will help oil and gas companies implement effective safety measures and efficient process management throughout their worksites. By further seeking more convenient formats, like NEBOSH eLearning courses, companies can help employees learn at their own pace and ensure that training happens around the business’s needs. Employees understand their roles and responsibilities better, and the company doesn’t lose work time. All in all, it’s a win-win situation.

NEBOSH Online Training

Taking NEBOSH courses online vs. classroom learning

For environmental awareness at work qualification

The Internet has made opportunities greatly accessible to many. People can build a business empire in an easier and more cost-effective manner because of it, and those who need to learn something for pretty much anything are provided a multitude of solutions to choose from.

Industry workers who are required to have the NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work qualification for the role they play in improving organisational environmental performance no longer need to “go back to class” solely for this purpose. Available nowadays are NEBOSH eLearning courses that will allow busy individuals to learn all relevant subjects regarding upholding environmentally responsible practices in the workplace. These courses cover everything from the fundamentals to advanced principles of environmental management in workplace settings.

Why take NEBOSH courses online?

Basically, it’s a convenient solution. If you’re like most people who are just so busy these days that, oftentimes, the 24 hours in a day are not enough for all the things you intend to accomplish (without compromising basic life activities like eating, sleeping and family responsibilities), you need to make learning more flexible. With these online courses, learning something as important as NEBOSH (which is not only an advantage but also an industry requirement) can easily be worked into your schedule.

However, it’s important to mention that online courses are not necessarily for everybody; there are still individuals who benefit more from the traditional classroom-type of learning, but if you want to determine which of these learning systems will work better for you, provided below are the advantages of each option.


  • E-learning is very convenient for it can be done anywhere there’s an Internet connection. You can study whenever you like.
  • It is cost-effective because there’s no need to travel to and from school, which will allow you to save on gas.
  • It’s the perfect opportunity for you to become more Web-savvy, especially for supplemental learning.
  • You take the course at your own pace. This means there’s less pressure because you’re not competing with other students. You can take your time learning the lessons until you completely understand them and know how they can be applied in real life.

Classroom learning:

  • It’s a multisensory experience; there are learners who need to see, listen, interact and even execute certain lessons to fully gain understanding.
  • You can personally ask the instructor or even your classmates for additional information. In a way, you end up with more robust information about certain NEBOSH topics. Facilitated discussions never fail to increase the engagement and interest of learners.
  • You can gain valuable connections who can later serve as reliable references for your industry.

nebosh IGC course

Smart tips for NEBOSH eLearning courses learners

Learning is serious business – the brand of learning you had can greatly impact your performance and success in your job. Some of the imperatives for industry workers nowadays are the knowledge and application of healthy, safe and environmentally responsible practices. With higher and stricter standards set by authorities, business owners and employees are required to comply with the policies set for their industry, not just to gain certification but also to ensure quality operations for longevity.

To learn effective environmental management, the most practical solutions available are NEBOSH eLearning courses which are provided by numerous institutions throughout the country.  Signing up for these courses is a breeze; just fill up a form online, pay the tuition, and then you’re provided the important details regarding your course.

But before you sign up with a particular course provider, it’s important that you conduct a background check first because they not only have different rates and arrangements, but there are also known providers that have already established a reputation for being very effective. If you want to secure your success in learning the principles behind NEBOSH, it’s best to go with course providers that already have a track record of producing valuable industry workers.

How to choose an online course provider

First of all, direct your attention toward the establishment’s qualifications. Make sure that it’s an accredited training company offering NEBOSH Qualification. Tip: If you’re not the first employee in your company studying for NEBOSH Qualification, you can ask the “qualified” members for their own NEBOSH courses online providers and perhaps go with one of those.

How to set study sessions

The time-flexibility of the arrangement is both an advantage and challenge. The best way to prevent slacking off and to get the most out of the course is to create a schedule for learning. Examine your daily schedule and find those free time pockets where you can just direct all your attention to studying and not worry about other demands for your time or feel too tired to even read. If you’re a morning person and you accomplish more things better during the early part of the day, setting your study sessions in the morning will prove to be beneficial. The key is to choose the most productive time of the day to study.

Now, when it comes to pacing, divide lessons into bite-sized pieces. You’ll retain information better this way instead of cramming everything in.

How to make the most out of the courses

Always start with the basics because all following lessons will be rooted to the fundamental principles. Likewise, don’t just rely on the materials provided you – there’s a bounty of information you can get online and other places that can make your understanding of all the lessons deeper and better. All the extra information you get from different resources will help you determine the various applications of the lessons covered by the course.

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