Online Health and Safety Training Courses

How would you like to save time and money on your next training course? Health and safety training doesn't have to be expensive or boring. With our eLearning courses that are designed by our in-house experts, we ensure that you are engaged and are able to understand and demonstrate what you have learned. Book your course now and you can start within five minutes.

NEBOSH Courses

Our fully accredited NEBOSH courses are internationally recognised. If you are looking to start a new career in health and safety or if it is currently part of your job role, a NEBOSH course will give you a solid foundation to build on. We also have access to a network of exam centres so you can find somewhere close to you to take your exam. Find out more below.

IOSH Courses

Our IOSH courses will help you enhance your CV and help you and your business comply with current legislation. These courses are designed for managers, supervisors, directors and other key personnel. You can be assured that you will have expert support every step of the way which is proven by our 100% pass rate.

eLearning Courses

Health and safety eLearning is a fast and cost effective way to gain the exact same qualification as a tutor led course. ALL of our courses come with full tutor support which means you are not alone. Would you like to pass your course with ease? We can help, that’s why we are here!

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View our full range of accredited IOSH and NEBOSH eLearning courses

All of our courses are fully accredited by IOSH and NEBOSH. Save time and money with our online eLearning courses and full tutor support. Start now with instant access and full tutor support.

Online Training Courses

NEBOSH National General Certificate

The primary goal of occupational health and safety is to create a safe work environment which in turn translates to several benefits including greater productivity, increased staff retention and even business success.

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IOSH Managing Safely

This course is designed for anybody looking to improve their awareness of health and safety and the processes involved with assessing and controlling risks and hazards in the workplace.

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IOSH Working Safely

Occupational safety and health is now a primary focus of leading global organisations gearing for competitiveness, high performance, enhanced business credibility and increased profitability.

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NEBOSH International General Certificate

Occupational safety and health is now a primary focus of leading global organisations gearing for competitiveness, high performance, enhanced business credibility and increased profitability.

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NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate

In order to address the specific hazards and risks faced by professionals and workers within the oil and industry sector, it is crucial to have the necessary training and knowledge to minimise these risks.

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Wise Global Training eLearning Courses

eLearning is relatively new on the health and safety training scene and it’s taken off in a huge way. Classroom training, whilst invaluable when conducted well, is not suitable for everybody.

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Wise Global Training Covers

1. Staff Training

Employees must be able to coordinate their health and safety efforts with their employers and colleagues to maintain a safe and productive work environment for everyone.

2. Managing Safely and Working Safely

IOSH courses such as the Managing Safely or Working Safely courses are great for employees in operative, managerial or supervisory roles. They will ‘tick the box’ when you are looking for a course to satisfy a particular role or requirement.

3. NEBOSH General Certificate Course

If you are looking to for something a bit more in-depth, perhaps the NEBOSH courses are more appropriate. The NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, or it’s international version of the course, the International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety will assist in getting that extra layer of knowledge and capability. Holders of this qualification have great success in furthering their career goals as it’s considered one of the ‘gold standard’ qualifications to hold if you wish to enter the field of health and safety.

4. eLearning

Our eLearning courses sit alongside their fellow classroom based courses which are delivered by our tutors with the same guiding principles we have set as our standard.

The Importance of Health and Safety

The workplace is made up of several different components at any given time. You have the managers, the workers, contractors or suppliers, visitors, machinery, equipment, furnishings, systems, and the facility itself where all of the work takes place. Bringing together this number of factors presents the possibility of an accident or an injury occurring — and regardless of whether you’re a top executive or one of the newest recruits, you need to have the proper knowledge and skills to prevent or manage such risks to your health and safety.