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Wise Global Training was set up when its founders, Peter Donoghue and David Newgass realised that whilst eLearning was a modern, efficient and cost effective alternative to classroom based training, the quality of what was on offer in the general market place, especially in the field of Health and Safety, left a lot to be desired.

As a company we have invested heavily in developing suites of eLearning training courses which have had to meet our self imposed high quality standards as well those of our partners  We recognised from the very beginning that much of what was on offer from other providers was written by trainers with the trainers needs in mind.  We have written our material from the perspective of what the learner wants and how the learner can best engage with the subject and course material used to cover that subject.

Our eLearning courses sit alongside their fellow classroom based courses which are delivered by our tutors with the same guiding principles we have set as our standard.

Development took far longer than expected but that did not deter the company or allow it to contemplate deviating from, or diluting its core principles.

That resolution and determination is reflected in the courses we offer today where we continue to view the learner as the most important part of the equation of transferring knowledge.  We welcome, in fact encourage, any feedback, observation or comment from any learner who has taken part in a learning experience with us.


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