NEBOSH international diploma e-Learning

e-Learning NEBOSH International Diploma with Wise Global Training

The diploma course is all online (with downloadable MP3 Audio and PDF readable full course material included) with full expert support.

The qualification is around 500 hours of study, which means that you can study your NEBOSH international diploma whenever it suits you, whichever method is most suited for you (online, offline, reading, listening…), making sure that you will get best possible results for your time spent on studying.

Things you may be looking to gain from your new qualification:

  • Full expert support (typically CmIOSH level), telephone and email. Unlimited
  • NEBOSH diploma is the most recognised professional health and safety qualification
  • Recognised globally
  • You will LEARN the material and gain totally new skill set.
  • Unparalleled status. GLOBALLY. No other qualification will give you the same status

Are you looking to move up from operator level to management level in Health and Safety ? Please do contact us for the course syllabus to see the full course details. email:

Join the elite group of 17,000 health and safety experts globally, which means that on average you will only have 2000 people per year graduating (globally) to this prestige qualification.

Key benefits of choosing our NEBOSH international diploma e-Learning package:

  • Full, unlimited telephone and email support
  • Expert tutors, typically CmIOSH level
  • Downloadable PDF files for offline reading
  • Downloadable MP3 audio files for offline listening
  • Free guidance for unit D
  • Sample and mock exams
  • Hundreds £’s worth free guides

NEBOSH International Diploma e-Learning


NEBOSH international diploma e-Learning course (NEBOSH 548)

  • including FREE unlimited support
  • Downloadable material
  • Expert support
  • Free guides included
  • World's leading Health and Safety qualification


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