IOSH Working Safely Online Course

IOSH Working Safely Course

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Why is the course necessary?

Certain industries present more risks than others; therefore, it’s critical for companies under such industries to make certain that all the members of their organisation are thoroughly educated on the policies established by authorities pertaining to workplace health and safety. One method of ensuring this is by requiring workers to undergo IOSH Working Safely Training.

What is IOSH Working Safely training?

IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health. It is an organisation that designs and accredits training courses to equip various industries with tried and true practices, and principles of workplace health and safety. One of the training courses it has come up with is the IOSH Working Safely Training course which consists of the following subjects:

IOSH Working Safely Course

Order now and start the course today!


Acknowledging how most people hoping to become IOSH-certified are so busy, the training course is designed for ease and flexibility to accommodate the unique schedule of learners. Creating it for eLearning makes the course easier for people to commit to and complete; all they need to do is sign up online, pay for the course, and then work a manageable schedule.

The course is not designed to turn people into safety experts. However, all who choose to take it have much to gain in learning why health and safety are integral to what they do as industry professionals, and the benefits of being “informed” can extend to their own personal lives. It’s perfect if you are looking to get a CSCS Green Card!

Needless to say, any type of safety training is worth your time and money. And if you’re part of an industry that’s considered high-risk, then there’s more reason for you to get it. The IOSH Working Safely Training is not just a requirement for employees in hazardous and strenuous work environments, but it’s also a commitment to competitiveness. This is the course you need if you are looking at attaining your CSCS Green Card.

The course is actually for people at any level, in any sector, needing grounding in the essentials of health and safety. Everyone at work, especially those in production, manufacturing, construction and other potentially dangerous operations, should have an understanding of why they must “work safely.” This training course is the best way to create a solid foundation for the effective application of health and safety practices in their high-risk work environments.

What's Covered

Introduction to working safely

This includes all primary safety issues in the workplace.

Defining hazard and risks

This subject makes it clear that even established routines can present risks and serious consequences.

Identification of common hazards

This includes all primary safety issues in the workplace.

Improving safety performance

This includes all primary safety issues in the workplace.