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IOSH Managing Safely

Course attendees studying on their NEBOSH accredited training course

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IOSH Working Safely

Course attendees studying on their NEBOSH accredited training course

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The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the Chartered organisation for health and safety specialists across the world.  IOSH membership currently stands at over 40,000 members, making IOSH the largest professional health and safety body in the world today.  IOSH is dedicated to reducing the number of accidents in the workplace and the number of people who are made ill or who die as a result of the job they do.  It’s a shocking statistic, but two million people lose their lives each year as a result of failures in health and safety processes.  In fact, somebody dies in the European Union every three and a half minutes alone.

IOSH believes that when it comes to the safety of staff members, only the best advice will do.  That means advice from seasoned and qualified professionals.  As a result of this commitment, IOSH ensures high standards across its members and acts as the voice of the profession by lobbying Government on health and safety policies and law.  By accrediting qualifications for their members, offering professional guidance, developing training and events, IOSH provides essential support to those working within the health and safety profession.    IOSH also recognises that health and safety isn’t the sole responsibility of qualified experts and they work with a range of organisations raising awareness and encouraging safety improvements.  By working closely with schools and businesses they can ensure professional training is accessible and that their campaigns affect those who matter – the people exposed to workplace risks on a daily basis.

Fast Facts:

  • Founded in 1945, IOSH is the only Chartered organisation for health and safety experts.  Membership currently stands at over 40,000 members spanning 85 countries making IOSH the largest health and safety membership body in the world.
  • IOSH is a registered charity and also the first European safety organisation to be given governmental organisation status from the International Labour Organisation.
  • IOSH works hard to tackle worldwide workplace health risks by lobbying governments and working closely with businesses and organisations on a global scale.  In doing so they act to protect the safety of millions of workers around the world.
  • IOSH has invested over £1 million into researching health and safety problems.
  • IOSH is one of the leading health and safety training organisations in the world.  Over 130,000 take an IOSH training course each year.
  • Through their sector and branch group networks, IOSH offers around 500 low cost or free health and safety events, webinars or seminars each year.
  • The IOSH magazine, Safety and Health Practitioner is the leading monthly publication for the health and safety industry.  SHP also features the most popular recruitment section in the business.
  • In just one year, there were almost 67 million opportunities to hear or read about IOSH members and their work in broadcast and print media.
  • IOSH offers a large selection of free technical advice to businesses across the world.  They have also launched a dedicated website for start-ups.  Every year, almost 140,000 free advice guides are downloaded from their website.

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