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The Benefits of our NEBOSH NGC eLearning Package:

  • Sign up for your NEBOSH training now. The moment you sign up we will create your unique login and you can get started right away.
  • You can complete your NEBOSH NGC eLearning course in approximately 130 hours–remember, you can train at your own pace where and when you like.
  • You’ll have your own personal tutor support whenever you need it and for the duration of your course. This support is included at no additional cost.
  • Each course features high quality graphics, lots of interactive modules and is designed to be a fun and engaging experience.
  • Our courses are designed to give you the knowledge you actually need. We aim to make our course content as relevant to your practical requirements as possible.
  • We use everyday scenarios and situations in our courses. These are scenarios that managers and supervisors will be familiar with.
  • Upon completion of the course you will have practical aids that you can use within your own work environment.
  • Successful completion of the end of course examination will result in the NEBOSH National General Certificate being awarded in recognition of the delegate’s achievement.

Why You Need to Take This Course

Health and safety has never been so important. The HSE reported over one million workplace injuries last year, 200 of which were fatal.

We find that many larger organisations choose the NEBOSH NGC course as a key factor in the development of their managers and supervisors. When line managers have a sound understanding of health and safety principles it builds a strong safety culture within the company helping to reduce risk and improve staff morale, turnover and company reputation. Smaller companies, whilst operating in lower risk environments, also need to ensure they have at least one individual trained in all aspects of health and safety.

When looking for a job within the field of health and safety, you will find that the NEBOSH National General Certificate is usually the minimum standard required. By gaining this qualification you could be streets ahead of other candidates.

Our NEBOSH NGC course is designed for anybody looking to improve their health and safety awareness and skills and is one of the most recognised of all UK health and safety qualifications.

Start training now.

Payment Plan Option

How would you like to start your course now, but spread your payments so they fit your budget?
Would you like to start today and not have to pay 100% of the course cost? If your answer is ‘yes’, we can help.For those that are self-funding, we offer a payment plan option. We want to give you the best chance of starting your course now so you can reap the benefits of our qualifications earlier. Don’t let your budget constraints keep you from adding a sought after qualification to your C.V.

We have two different payment plan options for you. For ANY of our eLearning courses, you can pick between paying the course cost over two months or three months. Your first payment will include a £25 admin fee. There are no hidden charges and no interest to pay. We want to give you an easy solution so you can spend time managing your course and not managing your budget.

Here is how this works…..all of your payments include VAT. The first payment is due when you book your course. This payment will include a £25 admin fee. Your subsequent payments will be made 30 days apart from your original enrolment date.  If you sign up for a payment plan online, it will use PayPal.  You don’t need a PayPal account though.  You can also call our office and give us your details over the phone and we can set everything up for you.

NEBOSH NGC Payment Plan
Number of payments 3
No. Due* Amount
1 At checkout £170.00 GBP
2 after 1 month £140.00 GBP
3 after 2 months £140.00 GBP
Total £450.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Why choose Wise Global Training?

We help you solve the problems that YOU may be having by giving you the Superhero Support that is included free when you purchase a course from us.We realise that many companies offer health and safety training. Like people, they come in all shapes and sizes. Every company will have their own twist on why you should choose them for your training needs. We are no different in that respect, but we ARE different in many others.

Are you concerned about getting a timely response to your questions or problems? We have a Superhero Support Team that is there to assist. It’s not uncommon to receive support at 11:00 in the evening on a Sunday. We are dedicated to your success and helping you solve whatever questions you have.

Our goal is to give all the support you need so you can pass your exams. We have a team of dedicated professionals with a combined experience of well over 50 years in health and safety.

As part of the Superhero Support, we have a dedicated technical support team that can help with almost any ‘techy’ issues you run across. Although our courses are designed to work with most systems, each person’s computer set up is different.

Don’t be nervous about compatibility, we can help! How do we do this? We have a nice little ‘techy toolbox’ to dip into. It is not uncommon for us to make a short tutorial video specifically for you.
With your permission, we can use Go-To-Meeting to remotely see your screen. In doing this, we can see what is happening as you describe it to us while we are on the phone with you. and even (with your permission of course), take control of your system to diagnose problems remotely.

Our courses were written and developed by our own in-house team of experts. We don’t farm our course writing out to somebody overseas and we don’t freelance our eLearning course development overseas either. Because we have an in-house team, we have the ability to keep our content fresh and updated with the latest information available. Feedback from our clients is another method used to help keep our courses relevant. We often seek feedback during your course to ensure you are happy with your learning journey.

We feel that you have the best opportunity to learn using our style of delivery. It’s not page after page of text similar to an eBook. You don’t have to worry about the ‘scroll of death’ with our courses.

Our expert team of tutors and eLearning course developers work side-by-side to ensure you have a truly interactive learning experience. There are many times that you will learn by doing. You may have heard the Chinese proverb–“Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime”. We can apply a similar principle to the way our team approaches eLearning course authoring and development. For example, you can read how to do a risk assessment but what if we SHOWED you how to do a risk assessment? What if we had you complete a risk assessment and submit it to our Superhero Support team for feedback? Do you think you would be able to more firmly grasp that process? We do….and that’s why we designed our eLearning course to be engaging and interactive.

We care about our clients and want to create real value for them.


Unit NEBOSH National General Certificate1–Management of Health and Safety

1. Foundations of health and safety
2. Health and Safety Management Systems-Policy
3. Health and Safety Management Systems-Organising
4. Health and Safety Management Systems-Planning
5. Health and Safety Management Systems–Measuring,Audit,Review

Unit NEBOSH National General Certificate2 – Controlling Workplace Hazards

1. Workplace hazards and risk control
2. Transport hazards and risk control
3. Musculoskeletal hazards and risk control
4. Work equipment hazards and risk control
5. Electrical safety
6. Fire safety
7. Chemical and biological health hazards and risk control
8. Physical and psychological health hazards and control


The NEBOSH National General Certificate assessment process consists of a three part exam. There are two written exams and one practical exam carried out at your workplace. The fees for taking all three exams are £105 and are NOT included in the course cost. Exam fees are non-refundable.

Unit NGC1 and NGC2 each consists of a two hour written exam. Each of these exams consists of ten short answer questions and one long answer question. Unit NGC3 practical assessment is to be performed at your workplace. If this is not suitable, contact us for alternative arrangements.

The exams are held four times a year on dates that are set by NEBOSH. These are called ‘standard dates’. You need to register for each unit that you wish to take. You will need to advise us at least eight weeks in advance of your intention to sit your exams.


For the NEBOSH NGC eLearning course, you can expect to spend around 80 hours of online study time. You should also expect to spend 20-40 hours of external time for study and revision. You will have up to two years of access to your study material online. This includes FULL tutor support.

If you are taking the classroom version of the course, it is set out over a ten day period. Depending on what exact course you book on, it may be that the course is divided up into ten weeks or a two week block. If you have a number of candidates you need to put through, we can accommodate special requests for which is best for you and your colleagues.

If you are looking to improve health and safety principles and practice within your organisation then our NEBOSH National General Certificate course is a valuable course to consider. The National General Certificate is the most widely held of all health and safety qualifications in the UK with over
150,000 individuals having achieved the award since its launch in 1989.

Organisations of all sizes can benefit from our eLearning courses by arranging training that doesn’t involve members of staff being away from the workplace for days on end. Train where you want and when you want.

Our NEBOSH NGC eLearning course is designed to give you the most flexible of training solutions and is designed to suit any individual wanting to learn more about health and safety risk and control.

From managers to supervisors and those looking to update and improve their CV, our courses give you the knowledge and skills required to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. Start training now.

Students training with us get to choose between eLearning and traditional classroom-based courses.
Which you choose is largely down to time factors and cost, but the qualification and certificate you gain will be the same regardless of how your training is delivered.

Call us for additional information or book your course online and start now.

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