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NEBOSH International General Certificate eLearning

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What is the International General Certificate?

The IGC is an essential qualification for any non UK resident when dealing with or seeking employment in the UK.  Through a range of modules it allows those abroad to gain invaluable knowledge of the essential UK legislation set out by the HSE. As health and safety differs from country to country, this certificate ensures you realise the risks and responsibilities involved when working with a UK company.

Why Do I Need it?

If you’re looking for work in the UK, the IGC is a crucial course to take as employers will look favourably on those that have taken the time to understand UK practice.  Those without this certificate may be overlooked, as limited knowledge of UK health and safety can cost a company a lot of money, it can even cause bankruptcy simply though one untrained employees negligence.

I’m in the UK do I Need it?

This is also an invaluable course for those based in the UK as it is a globally recognised qualification that is respected throughout the world.

What’s Involved?

Our eLearning package is designed to be easy and enjoyable. We have unique interactive ways to ensure you learn what you need to pass the exam without ever feeling as though you’re sacrificing enjoyable time.

Through 24/7 support and a wealth of interactive features, you can fit this in flexibly around your busy life.

You’ll complete modules including:

  • A foundation in health and safety
  • The legal and organisational health and safety roles and responsibilities of employees and employers
  • Promoting a positive health and safety culture
  • Risk assessment
  • Principles of risk and hazard control
  • Monitoring, review and auditing performance standards
  • Incident and accident investigation
  • Work equipment – hazards and control
  • Chemical and biological health – hazards and control
  • Physical and psychological health – hazards and control
  • Health and safety practical application

When Can I Start?

You can start right now, all you have to do is sign up. You’ll then receive a unique log in and be assigned a personal tutor.

When Can I Finish?

With a 100% pass guarantee within 2 weeks you could be holding this career boosting certificate in your hands.

The Benefits of our NEBOSH IGC eLearning Package:

  • The moment you sign up we will create your unique login and you can get started right away.
  • You can complete your NEBOSH IGC eLearning course in approximately 130 hours–remember, you can train at your own pace where and when you like.
  • You’ll have your own personal tutor support whenever you need it and for the duration of your course. This support is included at no additional cost.
  • Each course features high quality graphics, lots of interactive modules and is designed to be a fun and engaging experience.
  • Our courses are designed to give you the knowledge you actually need. We aim to make our course content as relevant to your practical requirements as possible.
  • We use everyday scenarios and situations in our courses. These are scenarios that managers and supervisors will be familiar with.
  • Upon completion of the course you will have practical aids that you can use within your own work environment.
  • Successful completion of the end of course examination will result in the NEBOSH International General Certificate being awarded in recognition of the delegate’s achievement.

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The Most Profitable Qualification You’ll Earn This Year

Intelligent employers and ambitious employees now understand the incredible value of certification in health and safety, and this, as one of our most popular courses is the ideal way to start.

The International General Certificate can be completed at your leisure, in just one month you could be holding this career boosting qualification in your hand.  As an internationally recognised course employers will favour those who have taken the time to learn in this field while businesses will immediately enhance their reputation for excellence by displaying this certificate.

Ideal for those in a place of authority to ensure the health and safety of all employees, this certificate ensures you are up to date with all legislation and have control of your workforce.  For employees, this certificate adds a gilt edge to any CV, and is looked on favourably.

NEBOSH Online Training


NEBOSH IGC – eLearning

Our NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (IGC) course has been especially developed to give any individual from outside of the UK a broad understanding of health and safety practice. It’s an invaluable course that imparts essential knowledge, skills and results in a globally recognised qualification. The NEBOSH IGC course covers the principles that relate to health and safety and risk assessment.

Any student taking this course will have the practical knowledge and skills required to apply best practices within their workplace and to identify and control any workplace hazards. Perfect for managers and supervisors, this course is also suitable for those looking to embark on a career in health and safety.

Organisations of all sizes can benefit from our eLearning courses by arranging training that doesn’t involve members of staff being away from the workplace for days on end. Train where you want and when you want.

Our NEBOSH International General Certificate eLearning package offers flexible, affordable and high quality training and puts you in total control of your training spend and delivery.  Whether you are an organisation in need of training a group of individuals or you’re an individual looking for training, we can help.  You can sign up for your course now and get training right away!

Students training with us get to choose between eLearning and traditional classroom-based courses.  Which you choose is largely down to time factors and cost, but the qualification and certificate you gain will be the same regardless of how your training is delivered.

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Why You Need to Take This Course

Figures recently released by the HSE revealed that over one million workplace accidents occur every year.  Our NEBOSH IGC eLearning course is designed for managers, supervisors and any individual wanting to enhance their knowledge of health and safety and career development.  An equivalent classroom-based course lasts for 10 days and whilst many of our clients prefer this method of training, others prefer the flexibility that our eLearning packages offer.  The NEBOSH IGC qualification is also a superb foundation to further professional studies.

Those looking to break into the field of health and safety will find that the NEBOSH International General Certificate is a minimum standard in the majority of cases.  It’s also one of the most impressive qualifications potential employers will see on your CV and could put you miles ahead of other candidates.

Start your course now by using the buy now button on the right side where you can purchase your course and have access within five minutes.



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